Thursday, April 29, 2010

I slept with one eye open..

I slept with one eye open last night...I think it was that damn article someone posted yesterday about the cat who tried to kill it's human joke...see for yourself: My Cat Tried to Kill Me!! .  And, as I've mentioned before, I have 3 cats! 
What was I thinking?  What's worse is that one of them woke me up by nibbling on my shoulder.  Some genius claims that's their way of kissing you..... I'm thinking she wanted a taste of her prey!

 Each of my feline darlings was rescued by yours truly from the wild (wild in this case being my tropical-themed backyard complete with koi pond, waterfall and shade gazebo) ~ oh, how they must've suffered! ....You see, while we have a wonderful rapport with each of our surrounding neighbors, (okay, with the exception of one but it's totally their fault!) let's just say that they are not animal all!  Naturally, being the self-appointed "DoLittle family" on the block, we considered it our duty, responsibility, temporary lapse of sanity, to save our furry friends from the duress caused by our less-sympathetic acquaintances.  Of course the plan was to rescue them and find them loving homes.  And, we did.....for a few..... but somehow, someway, these 3, Tiffany, Mercedes and Porsche  won us over.  Whoever doesn't think animals have personalities has never met my girls..

Tiffany, 3, is the eldest.  She's a lady.  Very calm, sweet.  As with the jewelry, elegant and special, leaving you always wanting more.  She'd be the kind of girl you could be friends with forever and, as such, she is  probably the reason we did not hesitate to take in the other two.....maybe we should have hesitated...

Mercedes, 2, is....hmmmmmm, how to put this beautiful as the car she is named after, long, lean shiny and black but also as unapproachable!  She's that girl you hated in high school.... has everything going for her but won't give you the time of day!  She's a b--..., plain and simple!
Lastly, Porsche, 1, the baby and much like that car, small, compact, a real spitfire!  She wants you to notice her but don't dare touch!  While she is the newest member of the family, she has acclimated quite quickly.  Perhaps it's the unlimited food supply, the down stuffed pillow she has claimed for her own or the $200 scratching post we used to call a chair....can't be sure! ....

I truly do love them all, despite their flaws, and I really hope and pray don't believe they would ever hurt me.  But, I will think twice before taking in another gang member stray and continue to sleep with one eye open, just to be on the safe side!

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