Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BoNk ~ BoNk ~ BoNk !!

It was another one of those mornings.....Ah hell, it was just morning, they're all the same...

Before the start of the school year, I bought SOS one of those SUPER LOUD, sonic boom alarm clocks.  You know the one ~ no sweet melody, no chirping birds...just a blatant, deafening, obnoxious BONK BONK BONK.... but does it rouse him, NoOoOoOoO!  Actually, I take that back, it does wake him, not up, just out of that deep slumber into ...... STUPID!  I understand, sleep is a time of renewal, contemplation, and rejuvenation. And when SOS sleeps, it is a VERY deep sleep.  But, when your alarm is going off BONK BONK BONK and your zombified mother is there, looking not quite as fresh and beautiful as say AT A NORMAL HOUR, and she is nudging you (with a fisted hand), seriously, you have to ask "What?"  BONK BONK BONK Even the neighbors ears are bleeding as they angrily look out the window for the jackhammer they awoke to.... "What?  Oh nothing, honey, don't mind me, it's 5:45 AM and I just got an overwhelming urge to stumble into your room, stub my toe on your bed frame, gaze at your little angelic face and remind myself just how lucky I am to have you!   GET UP AND GET IN THE SHOWER!"


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