Monday, April 19, 2010

♪ ♫ WHISTLE WHILE YOU WORK ♪ ♫ (or better yet, have a glass of wine!)

So, my dishwasher broke, AGAIN....apparently,  unless I WASH the dishes before I put them in the dishWASHER, they don't get clean!!!!  UGH...
so now, at least for the time being until the repair man comes, determines what's wrong, files a report with the company (which shall remain anonymous  until such time as they make their decision about what they are going to do for me, Wise, dontcha' think?) and then orders whatever parts are required, I am left with no choice but to handwash! (I bet royalty has people who do that!) 
Of course, to add salt to the wound, I only just had a manicure the very morning the machine decided to cease working!  What is it they call it? Murphy's Law?  I hate Murphy! and his damn law! ....

For at least a day, I was able to avoid this dreadful deed.... you see, SOS didn't get up with his alarm clock as usual (surprised?, didn't think so).... I told him as a punishment I was not going to drive him where he had to go that afternoon.. I said if he can't be responsible or thoughtful enough to get up without my needing to alert him  (and by alert I mean scream, shake and  threaten, in a loving, caring way of course) then I wasn't going to go out of my way to accommodate him!   His response: "Pleeeeeeeeeeeease Mom, what can I do to make you change your mind?"  
 Well this started the wheels rolling, and it didn't take long....IDEA!, LIGHTBULB!.... of course, I hesitated, didn't want him to think he was getting away with anything or that I had it planned all along.... so I let him sweat a little longer.... "I don't know," I started "-you really need to learn a lesson" I continued, "Buuuut, if it's that important, IF you wash ALL of the dishes before you need to go, I will drive you, but this is your last chance!" .... (looking back, if I'd known how long it was going to take, I would've negotiated a few more days!)  So, he did the dishes, and I drove him where he had to go that afternoon and we were both least for the time being. 

Unfortunately, the repair is still not done...and the dishes are piling up every day.... And, naturally  DDA can't help because, as she reminded me "I just got my nails done!" "I KNOW, I DID TOO, I WAS WITH YOU!" .... I believe DDA DOES think she's Royalty!
I have since bought myself some leopard print rubber gloves and lavender and comfort scented products to clean with, while I  listen to Michael Buble and sip (gulp) a (very large) glass of Merlot.   I don't know why, but there is something about an invigorating aroma, good wine and a sexy (is that allowed on here?)  crooner singing in the background that has made this menial  chore more tolerable.  I won't say I'm enjoying it, but for now, I'm coping! 
♪ ♫ (Phone ringing)  "Oh, hello Dishwasher Repairman.....No, no, that's fine, no rush, if the parts didn't come in yet, there's nothing you can do."  (pour myself another glass of wine)   ;)

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