Wednesday, April 28, 2010

If I was a man this would've been so much whinier!

I'm baaack! ....and, I must admit,  sooner than I expected too!  But I was thinking (for a change), this is the time when I need my friends and cyber-friends.  In fact I can already feel the warmth pouring out of my computer... Oh?  that's just the battery overheating?  Well, I know it's there...

So, it's true, IT has returned, not the greatest news, in fact it's a real friggin'  nuisance but, much like an irritating relative coming to visit, I intend to endure whatever necessary to get through and then party like hell when it's gone.
I'm moving past the shock into the anger stage....@#$%^Y&*()_+.... sorry, those outbursts, I feel the need to warn you, will happen quite often and I ask your forgiveness ahead of time, until I move on to the next stage which I intend to call the "Chuck Norris."  That's when I go into full ninja mode and kick the sh*& out of it!!!

One of the hardest things about my situation is having to tell my friends and family, You! .... I understand that we are all going through this, me just a little bit more, well a hell of a lot more but I hear ya'.  I also know, having been on the other side too (No, I don't mean THE other side! Geesh!) that you don't know what to say or do.  One thing I don't want is to be treated differently (unless of course that involves sending presents and doing my chores) .. nothing has changed.....I'm still ME (sorry if you're disappointed) just with a few extra cells....
@#$%^Y&*()_+  (warned you!)...

 And all I ask of you, besides your prayers, spells, witch dances and any other magic you have up your sleeve that may help, is your friendship and some kick-ass times ahead!!(this has really brought out a crude side of's kind of fun, my bad).
I hope, while you are reading this, that you don't consider it odd or distasteful, my laughing at something so serious, but it's what gets me through sometimes, MOST times.....laughter truly is the best medicine!!

 (I'm sure, despite my telling you not to,  some of you will still feel the need to do something... so for YOUR benefit, I won't turn away Michael Buble, chocolate, wine or jewelry.. that's just the type of person I am!)
Don't you worry about me! ~ xo
I am woman! Hear me ROAR!!!!!
(Think about it, at least I got that in my favor,
 if I was a man this would've been so much whinier!) 

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  1. I am so glad that whatever made me stop and click the about page, did just that tonight. I randomly go through my blogroll and pop in and out. I don't know what made me stop and look twice here, and not just read your post for the day, but I'm glad I did.

    I know more about you now.