Thursday, April 22, 2010

You can't buy happiness?!

Prince Charming (PC)  called in a panic this afternoon..."Holy Sh*t (sweet merciful crap), Sir Bossman is in town and wants to have dinner with the family!"

"Holy Sh*t" (sweet merciful crap), I responded in a tizzy..... But, we're not spur of the moment types of people.  We like to plan, anticipate, stress........What to do.....c'mon.... think...... Got it! ... "Don't worry," I said reassuringly, "I've got it under control.  Just let me know where you want us to meet you."   DDA had classes late that evening so my only concern was SOS....we couldn't show up with NO kids, that would be a dead give away.  No, we had to bring him along for show, otherwise it would be rude, right?
So, I put my plan into action, called a pow-wow with SOS and hugged to seal the deal.  I felt a pang of guilt but thought I'm not the worst mother; I can't be the only one who uses payola, you know, whatever means necessary......

We arrived at the restaurant and our work was a glorious meal; we all savored every bite.  SOS was as charming and captivating as he could possibly be.  I had achieved the impossible!   The dinner ended with smiles and toasts and promises to do it again, real soon.....
PC looked over at me... "Hey, Mary Poppins, thanks, but how the hell did  you do it?" He was so happy he almost sang the words:
"Super- Gal -That- Kids -Fantastic -How- Much -Did- It- Cost -Us???????"
Well, I said "Even though it sounds insane, don't let it make you nauseous.
                    If you think about the price, it really was quite worth it,
                   Just a $60 step down ring not the cheap ones made of plastic." 

P.S.     I don't know what it is either...something with photography....
                             ........who cares, it worked ;)



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