Tuesday, April 20, 2010

♪ ♫ cockadoodle- DON'T!

It's 4:22 am....I know that because, aside from the dimly glowing screen on my monitor as I vent type this, the only light for miles (well, at least in my house) is the obnoxiously, illuminated, digital clock with the blazing red numbers, like the eyes of some horrible monster  lurking in the night, that keeps reminding me:

  IT'S 4:22 AM, do you know where your children are?  Of course I know where they are; they are sleeping soundly under the reassuring hugs of their overstuffed, down comforters, just like my three cats, dog and rabbit (actually, the cats don't have comforters) and every other more fortunate soul in town!   Everyone but ME! and, of course, Prince Charming, which brings us to the reason we're  NOT!

Prince Charming travels quite often for business...in fact he's gone a couple of days (at least) a week.  (I know, jealous aren't you?  There's no denying it.  No matter how much a woman loves her man, and I very  much do, there's something about having your castle to yourself!)
In fact, there are many benefits to this situation.

[1]  As they say, Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder.  We genuinely miss eachother and  look forward to and value the time we are together knowing that, we will soon have the alone time we both desire and need  (I'll admit, however, there are those instances when it can't come soon enough, like when Prince Charming has a football weekend, ugh);
[2]  Conveniently, because he travels so  much, Prince Charming earns Mileage.  For those of you who don't know what that is; Prince Charming travels many treacherous, exhausting miles with an airline.  Said airline then rewards Prince Charming  free miles for every mile he travels towards airplane tickets;  Fortuitous, coddled Queen Momma (me), SOS and DDA benefit from Prince Charmings' sacrifices and then, much like royalty (perhaps I really am royalty?), use the tickets he earns to travel to exotic lands at a fraction of the cost! Pretty spiffy aye?
 [3]  Additionally, because Prince Charming isn't here all the time, there is no reason for that exxageration of truth we women are often required to resort to.. you know, "Oh, that old thing?", "It was on sale 93% off!", "That's been there for years!" .... No, his absence for these short spurts causes a lapse of memory, confusion.  What appears in, on or at the house during these periods are pretty much freebies!  I feel it necessary to state that I don't go overboard or take advantage in any way however! ;)

As in  most cases though, these benefits don't come without a price:

[1]  As a result of  Prince Charming being gone so often, our To Do List has grown (groan).  Many things have just moved from the bottom of one list to the top of  the next.  I try to keep ahead of it; but, there are some projects that require a man's touch.  For instance, one of the jobs is to design and build shelving systems in our attic.....I'm good but I'm not that good!  I thought about surprising Prince Charming and hiring a good lookin-, I mean handy man, but reconsidered.  There's something Neanderthal about it but I've learned no man likes another man doing his carpentry, let alone using his tools.

 [2]  What can be a downside to free travel you ask?  Well, this brings us to the reason I am awake at such and ungodly hour.  I'm not complaining, well I am but, I completely understand and am grateful. Okay I don't completely understand, but I AM grateful.... I'm just gonna' stop right now.... Prince Charming's travels (which in turn earn our vacations, blah, blah....) require him to get up at 4:00 AM..... Ah ha! you're beginning to see the picture now..... Keep in mind because he has to get up early, he generally tries to get to sleep earlier the night before! Smart, right? .... HOWEVER, I, Queen Momma can NOT get to sleep earlier because I still have children, animals, and Prince's last minute "Can you just freshen this shirt up for me?" to tend to!  And, lest we forget, THE DISHWASHER IS STILL BROKEN!!  Suffice it to say, Prince is soundly sleeping and loudly snoring before I even enter the room.....

[3]   Despite his obliviousness to my newly acquired "stuff", I easily convince myself ( after my late night and early morn)  that I am so deservant of them anyway.  However, it's still a lot of work lugging it all in and finding a place for it before he gets home!

It's a hard knox life! but somebodys gotta do it and I'm up for the challenge!!  (I Love My Prince Charming xo)

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