Saturday, April 17, 2010

I've got a secret!!!!!

Eureka! Hallelujah! Woot Woot! Hooray! Hot Diggety Dog (a little over the top?) Sorry, can't help it. I believe I have just found the answer to every woman's prayers! 
Okay, it's just a little beauty tip; but, it's a piece of the puzzle and no puzzle is complete without ALL of the pieces! Right?
"Beauty Secrets"? Wouldn't that just  be awful if we were all that self-centered and greedy that we didn't share our discoveries and kept them secrets?  And, it's not like we women couldn't tell you were keeping them either.  I mean seriously, what if the creator of the life-changing, body-altering Spanx  kept it to herself?  You don't think at least one of us jealous, devious, manipulating, calculating curious and oh-so-observant gals would notice "Hey! How come she's so skinny and firm and we're, well we're ........ not so skinny and firm?"  (btw now they even make bathing suits!!)

But I'm secure enough in my average overwhelming beauty that I can share my discovery! 
That's a fib...I'm currently struggling to keep from hitting the Cancel button as I type this....

Okay, I've gotten hold of my more mature, humanitarian side...Are you ready? Here, goes!

Anyone who can color inside the lines, and that's not even important, can have fabulously elegant, captivating eyes in a matter of minutes, seconds! (whoever gave it that rating of 2 1/2 stars in the link clearly couldn't color well as a child either and therefore holds a grudge against all crayons)...This is foolproof, simple, a cinch! They even coordinate the colors for you! Creatively disguise your wrinkles laugh lines... And, for those artsy, more daring types like myself (modest, aren't I?), you can
combine the colors from 2 crayons for a more exotic look!
And, Voila!
(That's not really my eye, BUT IT COULD BE!)  I even have to hide these crayons from my 19 year old daughter.  Because, you know what happens when she borrows something!  Besides, she doesn't need them, she's not old  naturally beautiful...she hasn't "laughed" quite as much as I!

And what about the elixir  PREMSYN PMS? (available in tablets and caplets. They are both aspirin and caffeine free.)  Despite possibly giving you enough information for you to do the arithmetic and  totally determine my age, I have to confess that I am no longer in need of this little pink miracle; however, as the mother of a 19 year old who's completely charming, totally relaxed, somewhat enthralling personality transforms to that of an evil, cranky, venomous monster one week out of every month, it became a necessary priority and was quickly moved to the top of my list entitled " Dirty Little Secrets" OH, OOPS NO! Ummmmm, WRONG LIST... "Things to try before abandoning family", that's the one!  I made it my mission to find this anecdote!
I hope this information enlightens you and, more importantly, brings happiness your way.  That is my ultimate goal and I promise to, upon discovery, share all my little secrets with you!! (you too can share! - start with my blog! tell your friends! the more the merrier!)   THANKS ;)

(Let's see now..... still have to find a remedy for Snoring, Laziness, ......


  1. Hi, I am now following your blog. I will check back often to read your posts and comment. Feel free to do the same on my blog. Have a great day! Nice to meet you and I look forward to learning more about you!

  2. Thanks Lora! Look forward to your visits! and I will most definitely check our yours!!