Cast of Characters

Queen Momma (The Queen of Almost Everything): That would be Moi! (Did I mention I'm dillusional?)
Prince Charming: That would be Husband de Moi (I told him I'm the Queen and he is merely a Prince because I am a year (actually only 358 days) older than him.... but it's really because I'm in charge!
Superstar-Original-Stud (hereinafter referred to as “S-O-S” (Yes, that is a distress signal!!) our 15 year old member of the male species)
Dramatic-Diva-Angel (the Victoria Secret kind, not the really well behaved kind) (“D-D-A”, our 19 year old member of the female species- - and, NO, it isn‘t A.D.D. backwards on purpose, geezshhhh, it is but don‘t tell her).

I cherish my Quirky,
Outrageous Family
And all the Sweet Merciful Crap and other things that come with it and I wouldn’t have it any other way!