Friday, April 23, 2010

One of My More Serious Moments....Just can't seem to avoid them :/

      !@#$%^& ... Got some unexpected news yesterday which has numbed my entire body, especially my funny bone, and just when I was on a roll (and NO there was no wine involved, this time!)...
      It appears that after 3 years of remission, the Big C has come a knockin' on my door again....  While we are optimistic that it can and will be successfully defeated, for the time being I'm finding it a little difficult to be funny (I'm sure some of you are thinking "you never were") ....  I will return! That's a promise (or a threat depending on your opinion)! I'm a tough one and Lord knows this family would cease to function without me!!!  Don't know when that will be....a day, a week, a month (I know the anticipation will drive you crazy!!)  I hope, until that time you continue to read and share the few stories I have told (I still welcome new friends and FB followers!!) , as I will continue to follow yours!
      Just one of those sweet merciful crap! (shi*t) moments in life..... this too shall pass!! 
(All prayers are welcome! I do not discriminate!!)
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
~Some days there won't be a song in your heart........
♫ Sing anyway! ♥


  1. I am praying for you! I have enjoyed your blog so much since I found it. I will be checking each day for another post from you!

    Hang tough,

  2. Thank you! Love this blog and WILL be back..just need some time!! xo

  3. Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Love your blog.

  4. Have faith that everything will be ok. You have a lot of people who love you and we will all be praying for you! I am so sorry that you have to go through this! ♥ Love, Karen

  5. Karen, Thank you for your sweet thoughts. I definitely have faith and am so very grateful for my friends and family!! xo

  6. I love your blog, and what a fighter you are. I did not know your story, and feel badly that I didn't take the time to ever click the "about" page.

    I'm informed now, and will use the knowledge to send all healing thoughts and prayers and hopeful wishes your way.

    What a lesson to me, to learn and take the time to get to know who I come across while hopping around the blogosphere.
    My apologies.