Sunday, May 2, 2010

I have two don't want to mess with me!

With all the pent up anxiety and stress I'm understandably experiencing this week.....and believing that positive thinking and strong will play a very important part of getting through such situations, I got to thinking....
if it's true, that your mental being has such control, such capability,  isn't that kinda like a super power? like that of a super hero?  Well, it is... really...if you think about it and, if that's the case, I've decided that is how I'm going to focus my attack...channeling all my energy into a secret weapon of know, like Spiderman has his webs and super strength, Superman has xray vision and the ability to fly and The Hulk, well, aside from the obvious extreme speed, strength and stamina, I'd venture to say he had killer breath and body odor too!   My power? Mine will be Supersonic Mind Control! What I think, will happen! Naturally, I will use this power only for good (which at times could be something as trivial as finding an item of desire in a store, or a parking space in the first row, therefore relieving unnecessary stress.  After all, all work and no play makes me a dull superhero.)                                    
 Of course, if I 'm expected to be all tough and powerful, I'll want to at least be a sexy super hero like Cat Woman or Wonder Woman!  There was also Elastigirl but Prince Charming would hear that and he'd be all " hmmmmm elastic, she can probably bend in all sorts of different directions" while raising his eyebrows and grinning obnoxiously... then I'd have another whole problem on my hands..... So we'll skip the elasticity feature....

I'll don a cute little leotard.  I'm thinking pink, that's a good color for me, with some silver applique to add some subtle sparkle...nothing over the top, simple and elegant yet powerful (with a little control panel built in)!
 (where the hell are they gonna' put the control panel?)

Obviously,  I'll need a catchy name too.  One that rolls off the tongue but at the same time demands respect.  Something that implies attitude, determination, spirit and vigor.  A name that represents the person I am with the power of conviction, and the fortitude to beat this unwelcome adversary..... Got it!

"I have two teenagers! ... You don't want to mess with me!"

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