Saturday, May 15, 2010

luck be a lady tonight!

I soo should have bet on the Preakness today.... the daring, wild soul that I am, I pretended to; yes, you heard me, I placed a make-believe bet, a middle-aged imaginary adventure.
What's sad is that I picked "Lookin at Lucky" TO WIN!!!!!  Guess what!?  UGH! Somehow this hurt more than when I was a kid and realized I wasn't really the princess in the pumpkin carriage or the girl sleeping in the big bears bed; losing millions of pretend dollars was a little harder to swallow!   I should have known I'd win... I've been incredibly lucky lately.....

Last week, Prince Charming and I took SOS and his friend into the City for a concert... It was going to be a few hours so we figured we'd just spend some time walking around and wait for their call..  We drove down to China Town, PC was craving chinese food.  I tried talking him into Italian because I figured that would fill him up and I didn't want to have to prepare dinner later that night and we all know what happens when you eat chinese....
Well, needless to say, once PC has a craving there's not much you can do to sway him (I've even tried pretending to be asleep, oh wait, we're talking about craving chinese food, oops!)   Anyway, there we were, casually strolling through China Town trying to decide on  a restaurant, despite each of them having THE EXACT SAME MENU!!! (shrimp, chicken, beef, cat, and vegetables with gravy MSG)  This reminds me...whoever told my son that belching after a meal in China is a compliment, can you also remind him WE DON'T LIVE IN CHINA!
Then it happened......luck be a lady tonight!  He appeared out of a dark alley nowhere.  With the grace of an angel,  He complimented me and said that I deserved beautiful accessories.  It was as though He knew me, like He was sent to me from Heaven above! (insert harp music here). And, as if that weren't enough,  He declared that "just for you sweet lady (sweet lady, giggle), I will make you an unbelievable deal"!  ZOMG!

PC, skeptical as he is, was a little suspicious at first but I maturely and intelligently explained the situation to him.  "Stop worrying" I told him.  "The only reason He is being so creepy sneaky is because if everyone heard the deal He was giving me, he'd get arrested go out of business!  Naturally, PC realized he was never going to win  I was right.
So there I was, with my own personal shopper, in China Town.  He must have know how much walking we'd  been doing too, because rather than have us follow him to each of the "boutiques"  He represented, He offered to run to them and bring the merchandise directly to me!  How lucky am I???  He showered me with Louis Vuitton pocketbooks, Chanel Watches and Dior Tee-shirts, all at unbelievable savings!   He deserved his praise too.  Apparently He was doing so much business for the "boutiques" that they ran out of shopping bags!  He had to bring me my merchandise in black hefty bags!
I'm sure some of you are skeptical.  How can He possibly sell me such high-end items at a fraction of the cost?  They can't be real.  But you're wrong!  He guaranteed it!  He even told us his name, Jackie Chan (which I thought was soo cool)  ...... besides I remember the street corner He was selling from and I'd recognize his Yankee baseball hat anywhere! I'm no fool!

I'm still not sure why He thought I'd be interested in a bridge though!?

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