Sunday, May 30, 2010


Prince Charming is sick in bed today, Sunday, of Memorial Day weekend.  An apparent case of food poisoning from the 'samplings' at Costco yesterday and by "samplings" I mean "FEAST".
No, he wasn't turning anything down.  First it was the chicken-basil-parmesan meatballs, then on to the Chili con queso, pork sausage, ruffled potato chips, fruit and nut trail mix, spinach dip and spicy pasta....... and he was sick.  All night.... IMAGINE THAT YA DUMBASS!  He ate like he was going to the chair, like it was his last meal, like I don't cook for him!   ummmm, hmmmmm, ....well, okay, maybe he had a little motivation but use your head!  The "chef's" are preparing the food on a hot plate for goodness sake and, I'm thinking if they can't "speak" English, they might have trouble "reading" the English cooking instructions, just a thought!

 Oh, I'm not complaining.  Sure, it would have been nice to get out, have a nice dinner, see some friends, but I'm kind of enjoying my quiet time.  The teens are off doing their own thing, lucky me as they should, which leaves me alone (with the dog, three cats and rabbit) with my computer, by the pool, wine glass in hand...No, I'm not complaining one bit!  In fact, I think there are a few things I left off the shopping list... Prince Charming may have to run over to Costco for me tomorrow! ;)


  1. NO WAY! My husband is downstairs RIGHT NOW with his head spinning b/c he ate some expired turkey. AND he KNEW it was expired when he ate it. Tell the truth, you can't help but think "dumb ass" right? OR am I just the worst wife in the world.

  2. i gotta admit though....KNOWING it's expired is pretty.....well...... dumb! lol

  3. I searched your site for an email address! I'm giving you the Sunshine Award. The post is being published on Saturday.

    Thanks for being so entertaining here and on Twitter!

  4. only just got your message!, my site was down for a so flattered that you considered me for a Sunshine Award! xo