Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Love thumbbuddy!

I promise to never take my thumbs, well more specifically my right thumb, for granted again!
You know  how they say you don't appreciate a good thing until it's gone? I am soo believing that now!  Well, it's not actually gone, cause that would be kinda gross, a finger falling off  and all, it's just incapacitated for a while.  As some of you may already know, last week, while sporting my fab new (unscuffed)  sandals,  I took a tumble down the stairs (sounds a little more graceful and a lot less stupid than fall, doesn't it? No, huh?)

Well, apparently, we have come to surmise, I attempted to break that "tumble" with my right hand.  If that in fact was my goal, I failed miserably because aside from a pulled muscle in my back and an oh-so-sexy, prominent, heliotrope  contusion on my leg (which upon inspection resembles Jared from Subway, before he lost the weight),
almost a week later xrays have revealed that I have aggravated tendonitis and carpal tunnel in my right thumb, requiring an immobilizer.  (I think this is an appropriate time to point out that such a device has inhibited my typing skills, but I am suffering through it to reach out to you!  Feel free to pity me now and send presents if you wish!)
Hold your hand out in front of you; now wiggle your fingers.  Look at the dexterity the thumb has! It is far more talented than it's four counterparts (eight if you are looking at both hands).  Is it not magnificent?  I'm being serious here.  Have you ever thought about how much you use your thumb?  I'll bet you haven't; because, like I, you assume it will always be there!  It is way under appreciated.  Take my word for it!   Just try to do even these simple, everyday things without that glorious, dexterous thumb:

Brush your hair/teeth;
Button a button (well of course a button, what else would you button?);
Blow up a balloon and tie it (that's a subject for another day);
Pull up a zipper (btw thank you gawking old man for so discreetly pointing that out!, Grrrrr!)
Open the door to the shoe store;
Put on another pair of fab sandals that you  found;
Pick a coin up off a flat surface (it was heads up!  That's probably why I found the fab sandals);
Sign your name on the charge slip for the fab sandals;
Open a jar (okay, use a corkscrew but same concept);

And don't even get me started on taking care of business !! (if you find it necessary to have a mental image, I would prefer it be this):
Granted, the other fingers have their uses, their specialties......

Take the index finger, without it that old man could not have crudely pointed to my open zipper and guffawed;  the ring finger showcases the stunning wedding band representing my devotion to PC; and the pinky finger allowed me to make a bet with PC, said devotee, that I would give that charming old man a piece of my mind using my middle finger! (I won by the way!)

However, I have to say, that I have been enlightened and can, without hesitancy, declare that the thumb is by far my favorite digit (finger for you laymen).

I'd give it 2 thumbs up if I could :(

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