Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ode to getting older (a/k/a WTF?)

Tinkle, tinkle, oh dear god!
It happens when I laugh too hard
It even happens when I fly
something about gravity and the sky
it also happens when I sneeze
someone pass the Depends PLEASE!
Wrinkles, wrinkles here and there
My hourglass shape is now a pear
My hearings failed, my eyesight too
I need more fiber so I can poo
I cannot sleep, my back it aches
God help me please for goodness sakes
Crinkle, crinkle the sound I make
when I bend, or twist or shake,
the bones are brittle, the skin it's dry
Oh to be younger (heavy sigh)
Cant recall why I climbed the stairs
Ah, what the hell, who really cares?
Sprinkle, sprinkle fairy dust
Magically lift my tush and bust
That is where your job begins
After that work on my chins
Then go up and fix the eyes
give the crow his feet so he can fly.
Twinkle twinkle in my eye
my childrens faces, how time flies!
I wouldn't trade one single day
to take away the pain or gray
Throughout my life I have been blessed
It's all I need, don't need the rest!

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