Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Been there, done that!!

One of the trending topics on twitter today is I am old and boring (#iamoldandboring) .... immediately I could relate!  It's been a  long, thrilling journey getting to this point in my life and I plan to enjoy every  lackadaisical,comatose (either natural or self-induced), moment I can....I've earned it.  

 There were days, hell years, I dreamt of the chance to do nothing, lag.. sleep!  Oh no, you won't hear me complaining for a second that I don't have another dreadful, ear-piercing, head pounding concert or amateur sports event to attend.  Don't judge me.... I always went, smiling every step of the way, beaming with pride, convincing myself that my child was the one with the talent! I sat through rain, sleet and unbearable heat.  I served as snack mom, class mom, chauffeur.... There was (and is) nothing I could not, would not or did not do for my kids (maybe I am talking about goats what's it to you?)  ... I even held my tongue when the overbearing, self-absorbed, paunchy ex-athlete fathers (and some less than feminine mothers) over-reacted while vicariously living their lost dream through their child (who, in most cases, did not seem to have the same dream) so as to keep the peace and not embarrass my own children.   But I can honestly say, I do not for a second miss fighting with the little gremlins to get ready, pack all the equipment/instruments in the car and schlep all the way to Timbuktu just to turn around and do it all over again! 

Now, in retrospect,  I look back and smile, happy to include each and every one of  them among the fondly remembered events of my children's lives.  That's the thing about memories, you are the author and you can include or delete whatever details you want.  In fact, I often dream of them while NAPPING!! Bet some of you younger mom's can't do that (nap, I mean)!
(appropriately, Mad Housewife Wine!)

Sure, there are those instances when I reminisce, especially after a few glasses of  wine, and miss those "fun" times, and certainly as the kids get older the times are fewer and far between, but there is something to be said when you can proudly look at your son and daughter now, as young adults, and know for sure that you did something oh so very right!! <3
......and then go to bed!

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