Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Queen's Saga

There once was a man from Nantuck--- ,
no, wait, that's not it.....

There was an old lady who lived in a sh-- , 
AAaaaagghhh! No, no, no!....

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Queen, we'll call her ummm, er, Queen Momma! 
......................... Yea, that's it! 
A beautiful loving and modest, Queen Momma was she!!
                              (not to mention intelligent and talented)
In fact she was an awful lot like me,
Her castle was tres chic
only kind words did she speak
Unless you got on the wrong side of thee!
                               (Consider yourself warned!)

Her King was a prince (wait, what?)
Married and happy since
The day that they met at the ball El Toritos Restaurant
They had children - two!
went through diapers and pooh
and they grew to be charming (and tall!)

There'd been witches offering apples
and frogs looking for a kiss,
There'd even been magic genies
offering that and this

There have been trolls and 7 little men
Who've tried to break the bond
But the spell was cast, this love would last
So put away your wands

Their castle sat upon an island
surrounded by sea and sand
Yes, it was quite fantastic
A virtual fairyland

They have a dog, 3 cats and a bunny
(who spoke in silly rhyme)
Something about "important dates"
and not being there on time?
They loved to rejoice
food and wine of their choice
they would serve to the guests they received
They invited family and friends
(your cell network depends)
the parties could not be believed!
And, while a sleeping beauty
She would surely be
That part of this fairytale we'll miss
Because the King had a nasal problem
causing him to gurgle, snort and hiss

The Queen she never got the sleep
she righteously deserved
And the King earned every kick and punch
upon his sleeping body he was served!

There were years here and there
When there was not a care
and then others when nothing went right
But they never did run
they slayed every dragon
Yes, together they won every fight
The fortress is strong
Together they belong
Sharing the love and the laughter
Despite the snoring and such
They love each other much
and they'll live happily ever after!

.....Hey, did anyone see my sandal? 
                 .... dammit!, I think I left it in the !@#$  pumpkin!


  1. Bahahahahahaha! I love a good Fairy Tale! Finally grabbed your button, I'm kinda spazzy in my old age & Crazy Town craziness so I forget stuff...but once I get ya in my blog roll, THEN I get around more regularly. I know, it's shameful....but seriously, my brain is mush.


  2. This is awesome. I think I'll turn this into a bedtime story. Better yet, I can see this as a major movie production. ;)

    Love it!

  3. Aw, thank you all, you're sweet!

    Drama Mama, the only thing I ask is that Jennifer Aniston play me! After all, we're practically twins! ;)