Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If you had just ONE wish ......what would it be?

I have decided that the over-sized, lion-headed fountain that Prince Charming and I splurged on recently is a Wishing Fountain.   It's my fountain and I can do that!  Who's going to complain? Who wants to argue?  Seriously, is there any one (in their right mind) that would not welcome such a thought.  Just by tossing a penny (although I feel inclined to tell you that quarters hold more power, and silver dollars, well silver dollars are almost a guaranty) in  my Wishing Fountain, a world of wonder, excitement and anticipation is opened.   Like wishing on a star, blowing out your birthday candles, sharing a wishbone..... I am, in essence, your magic genie.   And, against popular belief, sharing your wish does not forfeit it, in fact with MY Wishing Fountain, sharing your wish not only spreads the joy, but empowers you.

So grab your cyber penny, close your eyes..... wait. no. don't close your eyes, that'd make it damn hard to get the penny in the fountain.....close ONE eye, concentrate, make a wish, TOSS!
Now it's time to share.... There is no wish too insignificant, too silly or too odd that cannot be shared (I shudder as I write that!) ....if you prefer, you can post it anonymously but, in order for the magic to work, for the wish gods to be summoned, for you to get your money's worth, you must disclose your wish.

My wish? Well, there was a time, not long ago, that I would've wished for all the things that I didn't have, now I simply wish to have the things I already do FOREVER!  

Your turn!  Share your wishes below!! 


  1. ......okay, and maybe for these DAMN HOT FLASHES TO GO AWAY!!!!!

  2. I wish to wake up tomorrow and son #2 it totally toilet trained. I'm done finding "presents" in the closet behind doors.

  3. good luck with that! I'll do my best (how much money did you throw??) ... and, EWWWWWWW! about the "presents"!

  4. I wish for abundance in all things good and healthy!