Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm not asleep... but that doesn't mean I'm awake!

I feel the need to remind you that I am sleep deprived and as such should not and cannot be held responsible for, or unfairly judged by,  my irrational, heartless thoughts and actions, hereafter depicted.

Prince Charming didn't snore last fact, he barely made a sound.....I panicked for a minute, well at least a few seconds, okay not at all, but it did cross my mind that perhaps he who does not go one night without at least a brief interlude of grunts and inhalation syncopation, and tonight was docile, silent,  could perhaps be in distress, or even worse, dare I say de-   , lifeless.  That panic brief thought quickly passed when I reasoned that, if in fact that were true, that he were no longer of this earth, expired, there was really nothing I could do until morning anyway and I should take advantage of the quiet and rest because I would need my energy and strength to deal with the stress and anguish that I would undoubtedly be feeling in the morning.  So, having convinced myself that it was the proper, logical course of action I laid back down, tossed my pillow to get to the cool side and settled in for  what promised to be the first good nights sleep in as long as I could remember.....

But NOOOOOOO, of  course not, what was I thinking?  How ignorant of me to believe that it would be that easy.  It was going to take more than the passing of Prince Charming to accommodate my lack of sleep.  Just as I started to doze DDA whom, despite the many years and several thousand dollars worth of dance lessons, has less grace than an elephant wearing clogs when walking, stormed out of her room CLOMP, CLOMP, CLOMP!!!  It appears that last night, while hanging with her peeps in the yard (and ignoring her mothers distress signals, see yesterday's post) she fell prey to a mosquito and, as a result, was feeling discomfort, poor baby, from the bites and could not sleep (serves her right!)  I suggested she try some cortisone cream; that didn't work; rubbing alcohol, fail; benadryl, the only bottle we had was 10 yrs old!  Against my will, my motherly instincts guilt kicked in and  I put on my SuperMom cape and ventured downstairs to find the cure, the anecdote, so that my precious bambino would not have to suffer another minute and could return quickly to slumber which, I have heard, is an essential aspect to survival, having never really experienced it myself. 

I've got it!  I remembered hearing that a paste made from garlic salt and water would relieve the itch (not to mention ward off vampires!) so I expeditiously prepared said concoction, while gleefully anticipating my return to siesta and hurriedly approached my daughter's room,  only to find her peacefully dreaming of what I am certain did not include me, mosquitoes nor garlic salt........ Admittedly a little angered, but more so relieved, I turned to enter my bedroom, but was stopped cold in my tracks by BONK, BONK, BONK!!!!  SOS's alarm was going was time to start the day..........................

 P.S.  There were no Prince Charming's harmed in the creation of this blog.  He lives and breathes (really LOUD!!)


  1. Hope you are able to get a good nights rest soon.

  2. I'm with you, I try to get rest here, too.

    But the snoring is awful. I don't even want to get started on it, but sometimes I just want to cry...