Sunday, June 20, 2010

Re-Post for Father's Day

I wrote this poem about my father reminding my children not to let anything/one get the best of them!

A wise man he once told me never turn your back unto the tide
I did that once he told me, then he turned around and cried
It washed away my house of sand and all the memories that it held
I felt like I was drowning "Don't ever do it!" then he yelled.
The sand just like an hourglass, was washed away and gone
I was so sad, I felt so bad like I could not go on.

But then I saw my reflection on the water
And I heard the mermaids sing
And I decided not to let the tide take away everything!

I still had my umbrella to keep me safe from getting burned
And the vast ocean before me, all the things I've not yet learned.

Only He can walk on water, and that's when He gave the sign
I noticed another set of footprints in the sand right next to mine
It's then that I had realized He'd been watching over me
Protecting me from harm from the perils of the sea
I had gone as near to the edge of the shore that I would go
Rather than drown I built a boat and I began to row
"Keep your compass pointed always in the direction of your dreams"
Life isn't always easy, but it's easier than it seems!"

I blinked, just for a second, when I looked again he was gone
But the story that he told me in my heart will carry on
He made a lot of sense that day, gave good advice to me
I wouldn't let it beat me, I would learn to tame the sea!

So I grabbed my pail and shovel, built a fortress strong and high
and dared those waves to knock it down, but if it did I wouldnt cry
Instead I'd build one bigger, with the help of my family
Nothing was gonna' beat me, not even the raging sea!

Sometimes I look out from the shore and I could swear I see
That wise old man sail off into the sunset 
and look back and wink at me!