Saturday, June 19, 2010 turn me upside down!

I can't believe it! 
It's Summer? 
Bu-bu-but (ha! I said butt) (real mature)
That's impossible, it can't be, I  haven't even finished the Spring cleaning yet! ...

     I have responsibly dusted off the storage boxes containing all the winter clothes which stand in the corner of my bedroom patiently awaiting delivery to the attic, their temporary place of  residence for the next 6, well now 4,  months.  (right after dusting the exercise equipment very expensive clothes racks in the sitting room);
     And, I have removed the pathetic brittle carcasses, from the planters in the yard, depressing reminders of what once were lush, beautiful flowers (well for that one day at least, not exactly a green thumb here).  However, there are still quite a few chores that have yet to be done:  the storm windows have to be replaced with screens, the Christmas lights have to be taken down  untangled and  packed away,.... alright so I haven't finished my Winter cleaning yet either...details, details.... geesh!                       .

Anyway, much to my chagrin,  I guess it's all just going to have to wait until .. well, until Fall.  I'll try not to be too disappointed ..   Okay, over it!  .. That makes more sense anyway.  After all, now the teens and Prince Charming are going to be dilly dallying cramping my style around here more often causing total disarray and all sorts of nasty messes.  It'd be near impossible to keep up with it, not to mention a complete and utter waste of my precious time.  Remember, it is Summer, and with that comes a whole new set of priorities, destinations, frozen drinks and mini umbrellas!!!  It would be selfish of me to interfere with the aspirations and enjoyment of my loved ones.  So, being the gracious, accommodating person that I am, my family my top priority, I hereby pledge, that this Summer:
Any soaking that will be done will not involve pots & pans, but soaking in the sun;

Sweeping will apply only to removing the sand on my feet;

Vacuuming will be done in the pool by the automated Aquabot (I endearingly nicknamed "Bot", we're that close);
The term "feather duster" will be used strictly  in reference to the exotic dress mumu with the feather print that I'll sport while serving margaritas;

The stove will be replaced by the barbecue, the dryer by the summer breeze and the television by, dare I say, conversation?!

As you can see, Summer is going to interfere with my house cleaning... any visitors, while always welcome,  are forewarned!

Yes, indeedy, that is the plan...... This Summer, instead of making beds, we will be making memories!


  1. I love it! Except right now it's hot outside and all the kids are silently watching TV! lol

  2. You sound like many things that need to be done! I'm with you...lets just relax...don't forget the pizza (who wants to cook even if it's on the grill!)

  3. Thanks ladies! Have a wonderful, relaxing Summer!!

  4. I want to help you with these summer chores. Afterall, what are friends for.