Thursday, July 1, 2010

I need some mo' Joe to get back my mojo

This morning I faked sleeping.  I know immature, selfish.  I couldn't help it and, if you've read any of my other posts, you would have to agree, I kind of earned it.  Besides, people fake a lot more serious things than that to make other people feel I wanted to feel good. 
It brought me back to my childhood when I would pretend to fall asleep watching TV (yes, they  had television back then)  so that my father, bless his soul, would have to carry me to bed, saving me the 13 steps up the stairs.  As he did, I would open one eye just in time to catch a glimpse of him holding me in the hall mirror when he reached the third step, an image I will cherish forever.  The man was a Saint.  He would eat each and every light-bulb baked cake I made him in my Easy Bake Oven, sometimes 4 in a row, and rave about them as if it were a different, gourmet recipe, pretending that the soft middle was intentional! 
I don't know what it was today....the weather was gorgeous.  I knew this because, despite my still faking being asleep, Prince Charming left the bedroom door open when he went downstairs and the beam of sunlight pouring in the front hall window strategically bounced off the walls and furniture finding it's way directly to my face.  I just wasn't ready to start the day.  I laid there and thought of all the chores I had ahead of  me; the pets who would immediately circle my feet, making it difficult to walk, not to mention pour myself a much-needed cup of coffee, until their needs were satisfied (feeding them! get your minds out of the gutter!); the stream of "good morning" phone calls, the party planning (my son's Luau-themed birthday celebration is this Saturday); the cooking, the laundry, the nail appointment.  Okay, so that last one made me smile and quickly moved to the top of my mental "to do" list.  I was just exhausted, out-of-mojo, pooped!  

Unfortunately, I have apparently lost the ability to return to slumber once awoken (a skill that teenagers and husbands seem to have mastered) and, instead, continued to contemplate EVERYTHING going on in the UNIVERSE, thereby becoming more stressed, frazzled and weary....... 
Feeling defeated, I drowsily got out of bed; fumbled to put on my slippers and robe and headed downstairs (with no one to carry me!) .....
It's 2 hours later.  I am still in my robe, on my 3rd cup of coffee (of which I believe I have become immune, sigh) and typing this, while stressing over the chores that await me!


  1. I too have lost that ability to go back to sleep once awaken. I miss being able to do that, but sometimes it just feels good to lay there with eyes closed, reflecting silently while pretending. It's not you either, its the day. Im on my second pot o' joe and still in the jammies.

  2. Oh, it's not just me that can't go back to sleep when I wake up. I will literally lay in bed and worry for hours prior to getting up to get ready for the day. And since I didn't go to sleep until 3 (because of worry) and then woke up around 6:30, I too am downing the coffee like a madwoman. (Also, as a note, I'm @amy_r, just followed you on the twitter).

  3. it's one o clock. I am still in my pj's. The laundry mountain has defeated my ambition and hope. I need more coffee.

  4. One of my biggest pet peeves, the men & teens thing...worse, how is it that WE awaken at the slightest movement from our kids, but they sleep thru it all?? Crying, puking, nightmares, you name it they can sleep thru it. Asses.


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