Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And, this is one of the reasons they call me "Queen" ......

Hurry, hurry, emergency!
Don't get in the way of me
I'm in a hurry can't you see
What is your problem? Stupidity?

People, people everywhere!
Don't they realize, don't they care
It's so frustrating, pulling out my hair
Don't they see I must get there?

Hitting every traffic light
This isn't fair, this isn't right
Give me strength, give me might!
Don't they understand my plight?

Catch my breath,  try to relax
Can't lose control, I cannot crack
Ok, calm down, get back on track
Let's go over all the facts

I need that thing, there is no doubt
But I'll be strong, I will not pout
I will not cry I won't freakout
I may be mad though, so lookout!

I need to get there before the rest
I'd be ever thankful, I'd feel so blessed
Since I saw it I've been obsessed
Am I being put to the test?

The lesson here is clear and true
If you find something you love here's what to do
Your shopping cart put it into
Or someone else will, and you'll be blue

I made it! Now into the store
Push the button on the auto-door
Then run across the shopping floor
To find it's not there, there are no more!

Sadly I turn and walk away
Trying to hide my sheer dismay
I didn't think it would turn out this way
Oh, well I guess it's not my day

But suddenly it caught my eye
It couldn't be, I thought I'd cry
Went from the lowest low to highest high
I found the thing I had to buy!

I walked toward it at a steady pace
Had to get there, it was a race
Did someone else see it? just in case.
(Damn I wish I'd bought some mace)

I wasn't safe till it was in my cart
I was racing, as was my heart
Had to be coy, had to be smart
If necessary use martial arts!

I grabbed it up before she could
I got there first, I felt so good!
I won the race, I knew I would
I won the prize, she understood!

So now it's mine, that thing I own
Put it in my cart and brought it home
Around my house with it I roam
I stopped to write this little poem

Not really sure what to do with it
In the corner of the room it sits
But it doesn't matter, not one bit
'Cause I won the race, I did not quit!

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