Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's your fun ratio?

I have come to the realization that with age, the ratio of fun to exhaustion doubles yearly.

1 Hour of Fun = 2 hours Exhaustion  x Age

Friday night Prince Charming and I assumed the roles of host and hostess and had a group of old friends over for a "wine drinking tasting party".  We love to entertain, always have, and nothing NOTHING is too good for our guests.

So the wheels turned and I went into party planning mode. Squee!  This is going to be so much fun!

Plastic grapes, tuscan patterned party goods and a wine cage FULL of different wines from various vineyards, grapes, countries.  There was red, white, pink...shiraz, merlot, pinots!
Next onto the food.  Think wine party.  Tuscany!   (I'm anal that way everything has to have a theme; gifts, parties, decor)  Baked brie, assorted nuts, fruit, paninis, dips, chips and crackers.  And CHOCOLATE! When drinking wine there must always be chocolate!

Light the candles!  Turn on the music!  Uncork the wine!  Let the party begin! Salute!
 Our guests arrived.  Hugs were sincere.  Kisses were aplenty.  Everyone was genuinely happy to see each other.  It had been too long.   But, as if it were yesterday, we fell right into comfortable conversation, reminiscing about the past, sharing the present and planning for the future.  We drank wine, ate hors doeuvres drank wine, laughed until our stomach's hurt drank wine and then drank some more wine.  We truly had a blast.  It felt like old times when we were younger and partying together all weekend long.

Until Saturday morning. 

We were tired.. Not hungover, no, we're pretty seasoned in that regard!  ;) We were completely physically and emotionally exhausted.  Our throats were raw from talking so much, our eyes begged us for a few more hours of closure and muscles we didn't know we had ached (for reasons we couldn't explain.... and wouldn't even if we could) .....

It's Sunday now and, while we are more energetic than we were yesterday, sitting on the couch in comfy clothes is suiting us just fine.  One of my girlfriends called to say she had a wonderful time and that she was planning to have the next get-together..... A Beerfest!

We've got 2 weeks to rest up ;)   Salute!


  1. I know what you mean! One glass of wine and I'm done for! ; )

    How is it during college I could drink guys under the table and now....?

  2. Lol - That's an awful big Beck's for that little guy!