Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hey, you!.... Wanna get into bed with me? ;)

I spent a lot of time just sitting today, eating bon bons doing, well, nothing frankly...

It has been torrentially pouring on and off for two days now and a combination of allergies and a cold has crippled me with the queen of all headaches (me being Queen Momma and all);

My ears are clogged, creating a deep humming noise, much like when I stick my fingers in them and... well... ummm..... hum, if I don't want or care to hear what someone is saying, well not YOU, never YOU, those other people, which makes watching tv or listening to music quite difficult;

My throat is sore disabling me from carrying on any meaningful gossip or stimulating conversation; and

My nose is raw  from excessive sneezing and wiping, removing the desire or temptation to eat or snack.

You might say, I am in a symptom-induced time out.  But.  Believe it or not?  I'm enjoying it!  Kind of like when we send our kids to their rooms as a punishment and all they have are their computers, tvs and gaming systems.  Wait, what?  Maybe THAT's what I'm doing wrong?!

I have been forced to observe everything around me.  Those things that on any other day would be overlooked strictly because we are too busy or preoccupied to notice.

For starters, despite sleeping on it for months, for the first time, I felt the softness of the down feather pillow beneath my head as I lay in bed taking in the cozy and cheerful bedroom that my husband and I designed and decorated together (well mostly me);

I watched the sun rise as it poured through the large window at the end of the hall.... okay that's a lie, I was still very much asleep and drooling What? I have a cold! at that hour and, if you've been paying any attention at all I've already said that it's "been torrentially pouring on and off for two days". 

The raindrops on the roof comforted me with their gentle pitter, patter bringing back tickling memories of the sounds of my childrens footprints when they were little, scurrying here and there, only to be interrupted by the loud clash of thunder and lightning, reminding me that they are now teenagers (you like that symbolism there, pretty accurate, huh?)

Somewhere between the dirty looks and snide remarks passed between my son and daughter which, due to my clogged ears I could not hear but were, let's just say, easily  lip read, I caught a glimpse of an understanding smile, a glimmer of caring, dare I say sibling camaraderie? 

Every color was more vivid.  Every touch was more stimulating. It was as though I was looking through a magnifying glass.  A magnifying glass which, I could have done without when it magnified the oddly shaped stain on the rug, the irreparable rip on the chair and the hideous wrinkle on my..... shirt, yes! my shirt, there was a darn wrinkle on my shirt.....

I needed this.  I needed to take the time to smell the roses, well, no that's not right, actually I couldn't smell anything...

I needed this.  I needed a taste of .... well, no, that's not right either..I couldn't taste anything....

I needed this.  I needed to tell.... crap, that's wrong too......

Ah, hell..... I needed to stay in my damn bed with my soft down feather pillow in my cozy, cheerful bedroom doing absolutely nothing!

And that's what I did. ...... All day.

Friggit!, I think my ear just popped!


  1. Sick people are great in bed. We can sleep for hours. ;)

    Right there with ya. Love being able to blame being lazy on the fact that I'm sick.

  2. That soft pillow is so inviting, we need a soft pillow on our bench... enjoy the down time and eat those bon bons!

  3. Feel better! Until then enjoy the bon-bons!