Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting back on the bicycle.. please run along side me. Just. In. Case. ;)

Removing my sock and poking my {beautifully manicured} toe in to the bath of blogdom, to check if the temperature is right... if the time is right...just a little dip, not a major douche (the water! not me!)

I've been gone a while.   Creepily lurking via Twitter and Facebook, reminding you of my omnipresence in witty snippets of 140 characters or less because that's easy.  That's what she said.  :: waving my imaginary Groucho Marx cigar as I do::

I've been tempted before but, alas, when I sat my little fanny down in my french-inspired blog-writing chair (keep the doubting comments to yourselves, you have no idea what size my tukus is!) and flexed my fingers to promote sufficient blood flow for extensive literary genius, I froze.  A deep humming filled the void in my head where my brain used to be, panic (or alzheimer's) set in and I drew a blank, not literally because if you think about it, really, there is no way to "draw" a blank...

Oh, and I tried. Over and over again, sometimes stimulated by the comedy that is my life, often prompted by other blogs that tugged at my creative juices (you might have another name for it) and frequently always provoked by a glass or 3 ....or bottle of the finest Merlot $6.00 can buy.  To no avail. 

So why now Queen Momma? you ask yourself.  Oh, you didn't?  Well, do it now, I'll wait:

"So. Why. Now. Queen. Momma?"

Ahhhhh, very good question my erudite readers.   (I'll give you a minute to look that word up in the dictionary)..... Done? Ok, I return now because, aside from my running out of rooms to decorate and redecorate (my chosen replacement obsession to fill the creativity void) and my husband's running out of patience with my decorating frenzy, I said to myself:

"Queen Momma," 
Yes, I call myself Queen, THAT's how royal I am ;) ... 
"Queen Momma," I said
"It's time.  You either have to Sh*+ or get off the throne."

Yes, you heard me correctly.

I said "   S. H. Asterisk. Plus sign! "

I was tough on myself.

It was the only way to be! 

"It might not be easy.." I went on.

"Much like riding a bike.  The wheels will be wobbily at first.  You might be too lazy tired to do it very often in the beginning..." I continued...

"But you've got to take the bull by the horns, take the bit between your teeth, dive in with both hands......"

Wow, I never realized I was so long-winded.  Shut up already Queen!!!!

And, for now, that is what I am going to do.  Shut. Up.  With the threat promise that I am back.  Not sure of a posting schedule, or topics or anything other than that I missed it (and you!) and I'm back.  [almost sounds like I had some sort of consistency before, doesn't it? :) ]
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

*p.s.  I have received fabulous reports from the Dr. and feel terrific!
         To quote him: 
                       "If I didn't know better, I'd think you were normal!"  
                                                              ~ Boy, have I got him fooled! ;)

My latest decorating project, my home office :)
Where all this genius happens! lol


  1. A very nice re-entry into the blog world. Love the chair!

  2. I could not be more jealous of the French-inspired blog writing chair and your lovely home office.

    Yay for being back!

  3. No, don't be jealous.. there are two of them! Come, sit, blog along side me! I would LOVE that! ;)

  4. I am in awe.

    Can you pls help me?


    I'm lost in a pile of paper.

    All over.

    The genius? No room for the genius.