Thursday, February 24, 2011

Warm feet ~ Warm thoughts ~ Warm heart

I'm sitting here in my newly decorated home office, on my newly acquired, yet already favorite,french-inspired blogging chair, just hours after stepping (cautiously tip-toeing really) back into Blogdom.

My Pomeranian is at, well on my feet, sweetly sawing wood while he sleeps.  I had left the television on in the living room when I got up to plug in my laptop thinking I would then return to watch some more, only to get involved in typing, not to mention the whole pup-on-feet detail.

In between the experimental melodies being played on his piano, sorry "keyboard" as he often corrects, and his infectious, intermittent laughing, undoubtedly the reaction to some ridiculously bizarre joke that no parent could possibly understand (or would want to for that matter),  I can hear my son upstairs clearing his throat from a cold that has held on far too long because of the constant punch from this Winter's winds that never seem to cease. 

My cellphone vibrates as it slowly travels across my desk.  It's my daughter texting to say goodnight.  She is staying at a friends house while her family is out of town, because that's what friends do, despite having worked that morning and attended classes well past 8:00 pm. She is twenty years old and still, every night without exception, says goodnight and I love you, not only to her father and I but also to her 16 year old brother, even if he annoyed her that day.  She is a little less consistent with her "11:11 make a wish" texts, phone calls or loud announcements which has become an event with our family, but she tries.  Hey, you never know!  Who am I to pass up a chance to make a wish? 

I've done something right.

My husband isn't here.  But this is not unusual.  He works very hard.  For me.  For our children.  For us. And, as such, is often required to travel for days at a time.  I joke about it some days.  How lucky I am to have my home, my time, to myself.  And.  Sometimes it's less joke and more "Ahhh".  But always, I miss him. 

Every so often there's a jarring thump reminding me of the other four-legged inhabitants of our home, the cats, who find it necessary to run marathons around the house just as everyone else is winding down.

Earlier in the evening I met my mother and sister for dinner.  Call it coincidence or just plain odd (the latter is always a safe assumption), but we all had the same craving and decided, with little hesitation, to meet at a favorite restaurant.  Just the three of us. 

As luck would have it, we arrived just in time to be seated before the crowd, ordered our much-anticipated nachos and wine (yes, surprisingly, they do compliment each other quite nicely) and comfortably ease into conversation.  Mom reminds us that it would have been our Nanny's (grandma nanny, not Mary-Poppins nanny, although she did have a few tricks up her sleeve) 101st birthday which took the natural course and started us reminiscing of days gone by; the good, the bad and the ug-.. actually for purposes of our family, it would be more accurate to replace "ugly" with, oh I don't know, "quirky"?, "peculiar"?, "wacky"? .. all meant endearingly of course, most of which I wouldn't change! 

You don't really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around - and why his parents will always wave back.  ~William D. Tammeus
As you can imagine, the reflection conjured up many different feelings and, lucky for you, or not depending on how you look at it, a few good stories which I intend to share! This blog is, for me, a way of passing and in some ways, freezing time, not to mention a mental activity to slow the course of age-induced stupidity, but if you'd care to join me on my merry-go-round*, I promise always to wave back! ;)

* I feel obligated to tell you at this time that sometimes I suffer from motion sickness.  No worries, just choose a pony behind me.. unless there's a strong wind then you might want to go a few rows back.  I'll still wave though ;)


  1. Love that quote! You are a very lucky lady to have such a tight knit group for a family.