Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You're invited to my birthday party! I'm going to be ...

This weekend is my birthday.

I will be  humbledygrum

What's that?

Oh?.   It's my humbledygrumth birthday.

Damn interwebs.

hum-     ble-      dy-      grum!

yea, 21!  

Aw c'mon now, there's no need to go looking at my picture, just take my word  ...

I've got mixed emotions about it.  Honestly.  Does anyone like getting older?

Granted.  When you think about the alternative, getting older certainly beats not getting older. 
{Amen, to that!}

Those of you who aren't aging as gracefully as say, moi, might have a different opinion.... but for the most part, I think we can all agree.  Getting older beats not getting older, provided there isn't an option of getting younger which, shit, you'd be an idiot not to choose!  You can call me Mrs. Benjamin Button and smack me on the bottom!

Really? Could you imagine?!  
Although I don't know if I'd want to go through that whole spitting up and wearing diapers again....... ?!  (perplexed look)

{"Circle of Life" music playing now}

Clearly that's not an option, so forge ahead I shall.

The festivities will begin the day before my birthday.  My girlfriends are taking me out to celebrate.  We do this for each of our birthdays and this being my humbledygrumth (many of them having already reached that plateau,  *sticking out tongue*), it is even more special.

For this "special" birthday we each get a diamond necklace from all the others.  Not really sure which one of us thought up that bright idea... 
"I know! Let's buy eachother glitzy, sparkly necklaces when we turn humbledygrum so we can draw even more attention to our necks (yes, "neckS"), which, much like rings on a tree bark can accurately tell a woman's age."  


But far be it for me to break tradition so, this Friday night, I will suffer the humiliation of being given a beautiful diamond necklace from some of my closest, dearest girlfriends, followed by an equally degrading ceremony with food and wine and ending with our surrender to a cake which, no doubt, will ooze chocolate from every slice.  The things we do in the name of friendship.

I knew this day was coming so I married a younger man (well, a year younger) in the hope that he would keep me youthful.  He'll be humbledybum a week later.  Truth is, he's much more mature crankier than I so I turn to my children to keep me hip to what is still groovy and rad.. Clearly it's working....

For those of you who don't know, I am a twin (as is my husband but this is my story not his).  Yes, I have a twin brother who is 3 minutes older than I (as is my husband's twin, but again, my story, not his) and I take solace in that fact.  What do you mean 3 minutes isn't a lot?        Shut up!

As twins, I have no choice but to share the limelight we naturally celebrate together with the family.  No matter how not young we get, there's always a party! (Yay!)  A feast starting with appetizers aplenty and ending, every year, with an incredibly moist and creamy, Strawberry shortcake.  My absolute least favorite flavor.  Don't ask.  Quite honestly, though, I think I would be disappointed if it didn't.  The night will include stories of our younger years; how sweet and little we were; how we used to dress in matching outfits; how my older brother asked for a boy and my sister asked for a girl and, unbeknownst to anyone, including our parents, Surprise, Baby #2, me, arrived, there was one of each!  
So, despite what I feel about it, this birthday will happen in grand style, thanks to some wonderful friends and an amazing family.  And, while I can certainly think of a few reasons to dread it,  there are more reasons to look forward to it!

Let the partying begin!

Do the Hustle! ♪♫  Doot doot doot de doot diddy doot doot
Doot doot doot de doot diddy doot doo, Doot doot doot de doot diddy doot doo.....♫♪

 Are you one? Are you two?............Are you humbledygrum? STOP!


  1. That's funny cause I'm mufflemuffle. Maybe we're related.

  2. I'm right behind you on the way to Humbledygrum but for me I have to face Humbledygrum solo since I am not a twin. I hear there is strength in numbers :)

  3. I'll be here for you and by then I'll be an "old" pro! ;)

  4. Happy birthday!

    I may be alone in this but I LOVE getting older. The older I get, the crankier I can be. It's acceptable! Also, I don't have to pretend to worry about what's in style right now, because who cares? I'm OLD! [42] [which rocks] [also married a younger man - 1 1/2 years younger.]

  5. Thank you! and let's just say I'm entitled to be "crankier" than you and leave it at that!! ;)